Friday, March 1, 2013

How to Bill for Critical Care and Dual Services

Today's Hospitalist published an article on how to bill for critical care and dual services.  The article discussed the codes for ICD-9 that hospitalists should be using to bill for the critical care services.

Teaching Requirements
  • According to the CMS both the resident and the attending physician must be present to bill 00291
  • The time for critical care does not need to be continuous
Dual Services

Consult vs. Observation Codes
  • Outpatient consult codes 99241-99245
  • Office or other outpatient codes 99201-99215
  • Subsequent observation care codes 99224-99226
  • Outpatient consultation codes 99241-99245
Short-Stay Admissions
  • Initial hospital care codes 99221-99223
  • Admission and discharge on the same date 99234-99236 - must stay a minimum of 8 hours before you can bill that code set.
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