Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rules for Refunding Duplicate or Overpayments to Medicare

Our whitepaper, "Rules for Refunding Duplicate or Overpayments to Medicare", highlights:

  • What to do if the primary payment exceeds the deductible and coinsurance amounts
  • How to refund a primary payment from both Medicare and a primary plan
  • The MSP Regulation at 42 CFR 489.20
  • What form to use to report credit balances resulting from MSP payments
  • If an MSP credit balance occurs late in a reporting quarter
Check out our resources page for the following document: Rules for Refunding Duplicate or Overpayments to Medicare as well as for common billing and coding questions and facts. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

How to Prepare for ICD-10

Although the implementation of ICD-10 is now October 1, 2014 instead of October 1, 2013, your practice must still be preparing. 
AAPC's Coding Edge published an article titled: 
“ICD-10 Spotlight: Continue Practice Preparation” highlighting the importance of continuing preparation for ICD-10.

The article highlighted the following topics:
  • ICD-9-CM Fracture Codes vs. ICD-10-CM Fracture Codes
    • The new ICD-10 codes will be more specific than the current ICD-9 codes. There will also be more codes with ICD-10 as the article states with the fracture codes example.
  • Importance of External Cause vs. Condition Codes
  • Procedure Code Benefits
    • Physicians and facilities will be able to more accurately represent the work they are performing.
To download and view the full document, please go to the following link:  ICD-10 Spotlight: Continue Practice Preparation.

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