Monday, February 18, 2013

Five Ways Your Health Care Will Change in 2013

On December 26, 2012, The Washington Post published an article on "Five Ways Your Health Care Will Change in 2013".  The basis of these gradual changes rolling out in 2013 are a result of the Affordable Care Act and federal subsidies to purchase health insurance.

  1. Health-care cost growth will slow to a new low
    • US expected to spend $2.9 trillion on health care in 2013 (3.8% more than estimated $2.8 trillion that was spent in 2012.
    • If the 3.8% growth rate happens it will be the slowest growth in decades
  2. Your Medicare taxes will increase
    • 7.65% is taken out of wages to support the elderly and disabled.
      • 1.45% goes towards Medicare's hospital bills
    • Medicare hospital tax increased by 0.9% in 2013
    • Creates a new 3.8% tax on investment income
  3. Your insurance plan will be explained in plain English
    • Easy-to-understand terms
    • Health plans with open enrollment after September 23, 2012 are this way.
  4. Primary care providers in Medicaid will get a 73% raise
    • Estimated 7 million new enrollees in 2014.
    • Expanding Medicaid program to 133% of the poverty line
  5. The Obamacare exchanges will be open for business.
    • October 1, 2013 is the more significant deadline as health care exchanges open that day
    • Health care exchanges will allow Americans to go online, compare plans and purchase health insurances
To view the full article, please click the following link: Five Ways Your Health Care Will Change in 2013

For additional billing, coding and reimbursement resources listed by specialty, please click the following link: Medical Reimbursement, Inc. Resources Page.

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