Friday, January 11, 2013

Maximizing Patient Flow in Your Practice

How you manage your patient flow should be ongoing in order to ensure your practice is running as smoothly as possible. An article published by American Medical News ( discussed a variety of suggestions in order to improve your patient flow.  Some of the solutions are common but may be looked over when the practice is running their day-to-day operations:
  1. Have a variety of different solutions for patient flow
  2. Increasing you revenue and patient satisfaction are key
  3. Assess how the patients move through the practice
    • One idea was to time patients as they move from arrival to departure and all the steps in between
    • Another idea was streamlining all the processes
  4. Changing how you schedule patients was also an idea
    • One example shown was a hospital who had multiple new patients on the same day. Scheduling these new patients (who take longer) on separate days during the week could improve patient flow.
  5. At the end of the appointment, make sure the patient knows what do next. (follow-up appointments or other procedures, etc)
To view the full article, please click the following link: "How to Maximize Patient Flow Through the Office"

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