Friday, January 18, 2013

Guidelines for Office-Based Anesthesia

Interested in starting your own practice of ambulatory anesthesia (office based anesthesia), below are a few of the issues that the ASA suggested to follow in their guideline:

Administration and Facility
1. Quality of Care
  • Should have a Medical Director
  • Valid licenses/certificates for each individual to perform their duties
  • All OR personnel should have appropriate education, training and experience
  • Anesthesiologist should ensure they are up to date with quality improvement and risk management
2.  Facility and Safety
  • Facilities should  comply with all federal, state & local laws, codes & regulations pertaining to the building construction.
  • Policies and procedures should comply with laws and regulations
Clinical Care
1. Patient and Procedure Selection
  • Patient's procedure should allow them to recover and be discharged from the facility
  • Those with pre-existing medical conditions with risk of complications should be referred to appropriate facility
2. Perioperative Care
  • Anesthesiologist should be present during and until immediately after the patient is discharged from anesthesia care
  • Discharge is the physicians responsibility 
3. Monitoring and Equipment
  • All equipment should be maintained, tested, and inspected
  • Back-up power should be sufficient
4. Emergencies and Transfers
  • The facility should have medications, equipment and written protocol for treating hypothermia
  • Written protocols for internal and external disasters
To download the full article with additional guidelines, please click the following link: Guidelines for Office-Based Anesthesia

For additional resources on assisting your practice, please click here: Medical Reimbursement Resources Page

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