Monday, September 10, 2012

Changes in Pain Management Coding for 2012

Published by the AAPC's Coding Edge, the article Complete, Current Pain Management discusses the changes to pain management coding that were made in CPT® 2012.

Implant Pump Refill and Reprogramming
  • According to the article, the codes for pump refill and analysis/reprogramming are often reported together, as often as 75% of the time
  • The revised codes are:
    • Pump Analysis Only
    • Pump Analysis and Reprogramming Only
    • Pump Refill and Reprogramming
    • Pump Refill and Reprogramming by a Physician
Determination of Simple vs. Complex Neurostimulator Programming Changes
  • Revised instructions for application of the neurostimulator codes
  • The revised codes are:
    • Neurostimulator Analysis Only
    • Simple Neurostimulator Programming
    • Spinal Cord or Peripheral Complex Neurostimulator Programming
    • Cranial Nerve Complex Neurostimulator Programming
The article also has instructions on how to apply these pain management coding changes as well as guidelines.

Interested in downloading the full article? Please go to the following link: Complete, Current Pain Management to receive the CPT® 2012 Pain Management coding changes. 

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