Friday, June 29, 2012

Tips on Modifier 33

Modifier 33 was added in November 2011. Are you aware of the appropriate times to append Modifier 33?

To help, the AAPC's Coding Edge Magazine published an article titled: "8 Tips to Give You Straight Facts on Modifier 33"

The following are the tips that the article discussed in further detail:
  1. Do You Know Where to Find Information on Modifier 33?
  2. Do You Know Which Services are Covered?
  3. Apply Modifier 33 for Private Payers Only
  4. Turn to Modifier 33 for Screening Turned Diagnostic
  5. Selected Services Covered In-network Only
  6. Apply Modifier 33 to All Eligible Services
  7. Cost Sharing Doesn’t Apply for Separate, Same-day Services
  8. Designated Preventive Services Don’t Require Modifier 33
To download and view the full article in detail, please go to the following link: 8 Tips to Give You Straight Facts on Modifier 33 (PDF)

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