Monday, June 4, 2012

Global Surgery Fact Sheet

Are you billing the necessary services before, during, and after a surgical procedure?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services produced a Global Surgery billing guide with guidance on how to properly bill the global surgery package, the fact sheet highlighted the following:
  • Definition of a Global Surgical Package
  • FAQs
    • Is the global surgery payment restricted to hospital inpatient settings?
    • How is Global Surgery classified?
    • Where can I find the post-operative periods for covered surgical procedures?
    • What services are included in the global surgery payment?
    • What services are not included in the global surgery payment?
    • How are minor procedures and endoscopies handled?
  • Global Surgery Coding and Billing Guidelines
  • Pre-operative Period Billing
  • Day of Procedure Billing
  • Post-Operative Period Billing
  • Special Billing Situations
  • Resources Pages with links to additional resources
To download and view the guide, please go to the following link: Global Surgery Fact Sheet

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