Friday, May 31, 2013

Wolves at the Door: E/M Coding Now

Advance News Magazine published an article titled: "Wolves at the Door: E/M Coding Now: Documentation is More Important Than Ever".   In this article, they discussed the following:
  • OIG Uses Data Analytics
    • Coding Trends of Medicare Evaluation and Management Services - 2001-2010 Part B goods and services.
    • The OIG stated that E/M coding "has been vulnerable to fraud and abuse".
    • Data analysis identify types of E/M services with improper payments for Part B services.
    • The OIG identifies specific physicians who bill higher-level E/M codes
  • If you're already a target, you should address the following:
    • Look at your practice policy and procedures (P & P) manual
    • If your coding is outsourced, work with vendors
  • You should also perform internal documentation and coding audits
    • If you have more than one coder have them do a quality assurance (QA) review of another coder's work.
    • Provide the same case to all your coder's and see what the outcomes are and if there are any differences.
    • Have an outside consultant perform documentation and coding audits.
To view the full article, please click the following link: Wolves at the Door: E/M Coding Now

For additional billing, coding and reimbursement resources, please click the following link: Medical Reimbursement, Inc. Resources

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