Friday, November 16, 2012

Care Coordination in Fee-For-Service Medicare

MedPAC (The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission) published a data book in June 2012 on Health Care spending and the Medicare program. One section of this data book highlighted the following topics on Care Coordination in Fee-For-Service Medicare:
  • Consequences of poor care coordination
  • Reasons for poor care coordination
  • Care coordination: Models and Types
    • Illustrative models of care coordination
  • Care coordination demonstrations in FFS Medicare
    • Potential evidence of a reduction in hospitalizations in Medicare care coordination demonstrations
  • Challenges of establishing an effective care coordination intervention
  • Care coordination and Medicare payment policy
To view and download the full chapter, please go to the following link: Care Coordination in Fee-For-Service Medicare

For additional billing and coding resources, please click the following link: Medical Reimbursement, Inc. Resources

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